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Danbala Wedo: Serpent of Creation

Dambala_veveThe great Sky Father, married to the primal Erzulie and paired with  Ayida Wedo, the Rainbow Serpent, Danbala personifies the primary foundational precepts of Vodou. His true color is snow white like the  linen in which Hounsi dress for service. The magical sphere of white is suspended above his horse in possession, to afford him privacy and  benediction. So pure and beneficent is Danbala, that he needs no offering other than a basin of pure water and a pure white egg on a mound of white flour.

I like to think of him as the original astronomer  or astrologer. He has perfect knowledge of the heavens, having learned  of the this from the African tradition called NA-Go Oyyo. In synthesis  he personifies fire and water - fire for his serpent powers of regeneration and creation, water for his deep knowledge or konnisance of the world and it's peoples.stpatrick_saint

I have seen him syncretized with St. Patrick (because of  the snakes in the chromolithograph) and with Moses, for the knowledge of the Ten Commandments. As the supreme Rada deity he is associated with  rain, wisdom and fecundity.

I keep paket kongo for Danbala on my Rada altar, near Erzulie Freda's, as he is one of her three partners. In the ever dizzying set of relationships that make up the  theology of Vodou, Danbala is often paired with Freda, but is married to Aida. I serve Danbala with white anisette, white eggs on white flour or corn meal and white snake skins.


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