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Marasa: Divine Twins of Creation

Marasa_veveThe Marassa are the sacred twins of Vodou. In the concept of One plus One equals Three, the Marassa represent the result of a union of higher forces, bringing into reality a third potentiality. They are often  called Marassa Dosu Dosa - a reflection of the two is three idea.

The Marassa represent abundance, blessings, the gift of  children, the sacredness of family and the mysteries of the divine. The  Marassa also represent special births, such as three children, or  children born with a cawl on their face. The sacred Twins are invoked at the beginning of every service along with Papa Legba, for without the  Marassa, nothing can come into existence . Their combined magic produces the abundance of the world (that one and one equally three again).

They are most commonly syncretized with the Saints Cosmos and Damian in the Rada rites, and the Virtues or "Three Egyptians" when served in Petro.  Like all sacred Twins, they are identical, yet sexless - they are the  potential, therefore, they contains everything - male and female, light  and dark, positive and negative.lib_lwa_mar_01

Those servitors who honor the twins often find their work  "doubled" - a subtle reminder of the power of the Twins to bring things  into fruition twice. They are are very jealous, so when serving them, be sure to offer identical things - sweet sodas, candies, popcorn and  dolls. Place their offerings on identical plates or on banana leaves, on the floor, so like the children they are, they can eat with their hands and enjoy their offerings at their leisure.

If you have twins in your family, it’s considered  important to serve the Marassa - they are seen as having blessed you  with their physical presence. Keep twin dolls on your altar as a focal  point for working with the Marassa. And serve them if only if you keep  to the schedule - or They will get back at you!



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