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The PETRO nachon: Magical, Hot and Island Born

SenJak_vevePetro is the second portion of a Vodou service, and is considered more intense. The Lwa honored here originate both in Africa and in the  New World.   A very few others who don't fit logically elsewhere  (meaning, we don't know their origin), are called and honored here as  well.

The Petro African nations include Nago, Kongo, Gola  (Angolan), and Kreyol (Haitian). Karen McCarthy Brown described these  Lwa as military or foreigners. And indeed, given the large Ogou group, one can easily see this distinction here.  Here we find the African  Ogou reimagined as Ogou Feray, Ossange, Batala, Badagris and others too  numerous to mention.

The New World Lwa retained some of their slavery  attributes: the Lwa Ti Jean Petro plays with fire, demonstrating his  invincibility to the flames. This is a remnant of field punishment. Slaves were often burnt in a bundle of sugar cane as a  punishment for unruly behavior or running. The Lwa Maynette comes with broken hands and feet, a show of the punishment meted out for her  participation in the Bois Caiman rite.

Red is the preferred color of  the Petro nations - again, with a second color added in for distinction. Military uniforms, field whips and whistle, all the shrill calls of  slave times are here in the service of the Petro section






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