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Four Circles Program: Second Circle is Hounsi Kanzo


lwafood1A service to the Ancestors, the Lwa or BonDye is a like a great  feast. And like a any meal, there is a right way to prepare the food and a wrong way. Food for Dantor must be cooked differently than food for  Freda. Who is served in kwis and who is served on china plates? There are songs of praise, invocations to invite the Presence and food for feasting. The right way to begin and the method of working for each  family of Ginen is important. Prep the food correctly and the Lwa will be happy. Do it wrong and .. well... Each spirit has their own likes, dislikes, favorite foods and particular dishes. This class is designed to examine food as a sacred offering, and to show the interrelatedness of the material to spirit connection.

To begin to understand food offerings, you must have a working knowledge of the Spirits. You will learn about the Lwa, Their energies, Their essence and how this translates into offerings. Based on this knowledge, we begin to apply the mechanics of food and cooking. Who gets food that is grilled - and why? What is offered wet as opposed to dry? And where is the food placed, how long does it stay and what happens to it when the offering is complete?

Style of serving, offerings vessels, hot, cold, color and scent will all be covered in this class. The meal that we prep and cook in class, will be served to the Spirits and the congregation at the evening fet. Bring a big appetite!

This class is open to students who have completed the  First Circle and receive their Sevis Tet initiation. Participants will  need ritual clothing for service, specific food and vessels for preparation. A shopping list will be sent out ahead of class. For any additional information, please contact Mambo Vye Zo


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