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Four Circles Program: Second Circle is Hounsi Kanzo


Communion with the spirits is a talent that can be earned. It begins  by understanding that the spirits are sentient beings, who desire communication. That communion is a delicate thing - and it must cut  through the cacophony of our daily lives to be heard. So many of us are besieged by our lives - family, work, children and obligations - that we have created walls to keep our sanity intact. Those very same safe  guards must come down, in order for spirit to come through and be heard.

Few people are gifted to be natural oracles. For these folks, becoming a vessel for the Lwa is an easy process. For the rest of us, there are tools we can employ to have conversation with with our holy guardian spirits. Divination is one of those tools.

This class will focus on the form of divination called Fa, not to be confused with Ifa, an entirely different system. Fa is original to Haiti, and provides a very clear line of communication for divination.  You will make your own set of Fa shells and learn the basic layouts for divining simple answers.

This class is open to students who have completed the First Circle and have received their Sevis Tet initiation. Participants will  need ritual clothing for service. For any additional information, please contact Mambo Vye Zo


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