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Four Circles Program: Second Circle is Hounsi Kanzo


A pilgrimage to Haiti is a necessity when practicing Vodou. By putting your feet on Haitian soil, you truly stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before you. The very soil of Haiti is saturated with the blood of the ancestors. To become a vodouisant is to become part of Haiti and its history. You cannot proceed further on this path,  until you have returned home to Haiti, to feel the energy of the land and the warmth of its people.

Each year, Sosyete du Marche returns to Haiti with the  goal of bringing that energy back to the peristyle here in America. We  offer three unique and special pilgrimages to Haiti, beginning in the spring:

063Spring : A visit to Souvenance during Easter. This is the strong hold of Rada worship in Haiti. At the foot of the massive Mapou tree, we make offerings and pray to Papa Dambala to give us the strength and fortitude to follow the righteous  path for another year. We bathe in the holy river and we sing with the  servitors who gather to give thanks to God and the ancestors for their  lives.




sodo01Summer: A visit to Saut D’eaux (Sodo), to climb the falls of Dambala and to perform our Lave Tet of  the Falls. A humbling experience, we do not go when the festival is on  in July - we go just before, when its quieter and you can feel  Dambala’s rumble in the water and stones beneath your feet. An hour long hike up the mountain leaves you breathing hard but feeling alive. The  descent into the grotto is electric and the sound pounding like your  heart. The icy water chills you to the bones and the tingle of power is  unforgettable. We leave offerings under the fall, in Ezili’s grotto and  we give thanks to all the folks who accompany us to the waters edge.



fat_gede_1Fall: Fet Gede, the time of the ancestors and for the conclusion of the year. We go to  either Jacmel to witness the march to the cemetery or to Port au Prince  for the parade. Either way, it is an unforgettable trip, that brings us  closer to the Dead than any other time of the year.

Each trip is planned according to the number of folks who  can make the dates. The prices do not include airfare to Port au Prince  or your bar bill. But once you are on the ground in Haiti, it is all  inclusive, except for your bar bill. Transportation, hotel rooms, two  meals a day and a translator bring the experience to a manageable level.

The Pilgrimages are open to everyone, including folks who  are not a part of the Four Circle program. For each trip, individual  costs will vary (such as a single room supplement or if there is  something special happening that we wish to attend). Participants will  be mailed detailed trip portfolios, with  itineraries, immunization  suggestions, travel tips and much more. We use Jacqui Labrom as our inland travel agent, via her Voyage Luminaire. A resident of Haiti for more than 25 years, Jaxx is fluent in French and Kreyol, and is well known through the  country as a bona fide expert on Haitian culture, art and travel. For  any additional information, please contact Mambo Vye Zo.


Sosyete du Marche, Inc. is a Federally recognized 501c3 church, operating in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Your donations are tax deductible, and go towards supporting Sosyete du Marche, its mission to provide a safe haven for all worshippers, and to help those who need it most. To date, we have led medical missions to the Caribbean, supported Native Americans after Katrina and currently support our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.